The yellow page era is long gone. We were in the middle of a consecutive home mailer ‘couponing’ campaign and I knew what my cost of coupon advertising was; against the revenue it brought in. Not only was it not bringing in additional revenue it wasn’t even paying for itself. That is about the time I got a call from Brian.

Brian first got ahold of me over the phone. Trust me I get plenty of calls over the phone promising me to get my `search’ to the top of Google. It was Brian’s approach that first got me interested. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. I myself have a background in print advertising; not much for advertising on the web. Brian took the time and was willing to educate me along the way.

We agreed to take that coupon advertising budget and commit to 90 days with SDA. Right away we saw our name come up earlier and earlier in the search for the key cities we marketed to. Since then, we have since expanded our market to include more cities.

Being in a service industry, our new customer base has dramatically increased. As the new customer calls come in and we do ask how they heard about us the response is …online! We are very satisfied with what SDA and Brian Hernandez have done to help us improve our bottom line.

Laura P